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My dream growing up was to become a comic creator. I did have flings with many other dream jobs, but the only one that stuck around was related to art, you know?

—Yaongyi, Interview with LINE Webtoon

Yaongyi (야옹이, literally "Meow"; born April 24, 1991 [age 31]) is a South Korean comic artist (manhwaga), former model, and creator of True Beauty on LINE Webtoon.



Yaongyi began drawing at a young age, and dreamed of becoming a comic creator as a child. She had brief interests in other career paths, calling them "flings" in her interview with LINE Webtoon, but always returned to art. She worked a handful of jobs before eventually creating True Beauty.[1] Her real name is Kim Na-young and she was born on April 24, 1991.[2][3] Many fans were impressed with her looks following her face reveal one year after True Beauty's debut, stating that "an angel is drawing an angel".[2]

Work on True Beauty

Yaongyi working on True Beauty

On average, Yaongyi takes about four all-nighters per week to meet her deadlines for True Beauty,[4] and has experienced many long nights over the course of its release.[5] One of Yaongyi's previous jobs, a fitting model, helped her conceptualize the webtoon. She additionally references current fashion trends to help keep the outfits in True Beauty accurate, as well as utilizes her own skill in makeup.[1]

Upon its debut, Yaongyi was surprised and thankful for the manhwa's popularity and overall positive reception. In response to True Beauty's international one-year anniversary, she stated that she's appreciative for all the warm messages she's received from foreign fans.[4] She explained that she's still learning more and more during True Beauty's publication, and hopes to keep improving over the course of its run.[5]


Yaongyi drawing Suho

Social Media


  • "I'm really grateful for all my international fans from all over the world who send me fan mail and support me on social media!"[4]
  • "I was able to dedicate the long hours while thinking of all the readers waiting for the newest episode. I'm still learning as a I go, but I hope you continue enjoying my work."[5]


  • In addition to art, Yaongyi likes fashion and makeup. She considers makeup to be "like creating artwork on my face", and has her own, unique makeup style.[1]
  • She is a fan of K-pop, in particular the groups BTS and SF9. She follows SF9 on Instagram.[6][7]
  • In response to whether she was Team Suho or Team Seojun, Yaongyi said that "if I were Jugyeong, I think I would consider my first love more important!"[1]



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